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Shandong Ruixiang Steel Group Co., Ltd.

Ruixiang Steel offers a wide variety of metal-related processing services such as production cutting, shearing, delivery and more.

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Ruixiang Steel shears all types of metal in sheet and plate to your exact specifications. Order as few or as many pieces as you’d like, and in a wide variety of thicknesses. All of our stores are equipped with shears capable of cutting up to 6mm thick sheet and plate on site. We can get thicker items cut quickly through our extensive additional services network. Our shears produce a straight, clean cut – no need to worry about burred edges or uneven cuts. Our professional, highly-trained staff will ensure the metal is sheared to your exact specifications.

Shearing involves the cutting of sheet and plate with high precision. Shears have a top and bottom blade and this process is very similar to cutting a piece of paper with scissors. Shears use blades made of high-carbon steel, which is extremely hard and allows the shear to cut through a variety of metals. Shearing is a standard service offered by Ruixiang Steel 



Flame Cutting

Ruixiang Steel can use flame cutting for any size or shape, including squares, circles and rings. Flame cutting attains a good-edge finish on thick steel plates while plasma cutting produces a high-quality edge finish.

Flame Cutting uses a flame and oxygen to produce an extremely hot jet to cut steel. Another crucial factor is the cutting nozzles. The nozzle generally controls the gas channel, which protects the oxygen from impurities.


Notching involves cutting notches in metal. A press is utilized to punch notches with a rectangular die. An example of notching would be taking a square piece of plate and notching the middle of the top and bottom without cutting all the way through to make an “H”.

It can be applied to almost any kind of metal and it is often used on sheet and plate and sometimes tube and pipe. Notching tube is often used to join tubes to form a specific joint which is then usually welded. An example of notching would be in the construction of bicycle frames.

Laser Cutting

Ruixiang Steel uses Laser Cutters to produce precise metal parts of any shape or size.

Laser cutting gives a precise edge finish and can perform tasks such as cutting, shock hardening, welding, heat treating and annealing. Laser Cutting involves the uses of a laser to cut several pieces of metal, often steel sheets. Laser cutting often leaves a high-quality finish on steel and metal surfaces.

Bending and Press Brake

we can bend sheet and plate products to different degrees using a press brake and other bending techniques.

The brake (hydraulic or manual) creates bends by clamping the metal piece in between an upper and lower die. These bends can be made up to an angle of 120 degrees. Using press brakes is considered to be an accurate and extremely fast method of bending metal.

Production Cutting

From a single cut to thousands of cuts, we cut metals to your exact specifications.

Ruixiang Steel production cutting services mean that your order will be cut to size, so you only have to but what you need.

Sourcing Hard-to-Find Metals

If the metal you need is not one of the 8,000 types, shapes and grades of metal we carry, our knowledgeable staff will help you find it.

With over 3,000 distributors worldwide and a network of stores from coast-to-coast, we can source those rare, hard-to-find materials.


Need metal right away? We’ll deliver your order directly to your door.

Customers that include contractors, maintenance technicians, repair shops and many more rely on Ruixiang Steel to get them the metal they need, when they need it.

Save fuel and precious time by letting us do the work for you. Our customer service team will take your order, cut the metal to your exact specifications, and deliver it.


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