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Talking about the Cold Bending Difference of Cold-formed Steel

Source:Shandong Ruixiang Steel Group Co., Ltd.    Time:29 December 2021

The cold-formed steel raw material is hot-rolled coil , and most of the coils used for cold-formed steel have no thickened plates at all. Therefore, in the case of no welding, most of the cold-formed steels are flat at various plane thickness scales, and hot rolling The inner wall of the GB channel flange is a bevel. The outer wall and the inner wall are parallel. The thickness of the engineering machinery is also changed. The most important thing is that the hot-rolled channel is almost thicker than the flange.

In addition, the outer R angle of the cold-formed steel is larger than the inner R angle, and the outer R angle of the hot rolling is sharp and the inner R angle is large. Other hot-rolled sections are unlikely to be as thin as cold-rolled sheets, while cold-bending is based on sheet thickness.

The cold-bent angle steel is at a fixed point orientation, the inner R angle is larger than the outer R angle, and the hot-rolled angle steel is opposite, and even the strict remote control of the scale can be said that the outer R angle is opposite to the inner R angle, and the thickness is the same as the channel steel. .

Welded H-beams and hot-rolled H-beams are difficult to see in appearance, especially approximate specifications. However, the weld is still very obvious, and the hot-rolled H-beam is the R-angle of the oil-slip transition at the link between the web and the flange.

I-beams are not welded for the simple reason that there are no hot rolled coils with bevels . If you have to do it, the cost is much higher than hot rolling. In addition, the I-beam under different gauge systems has different slopes, and the slope is not expressed in the specification.

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